Quantum healing

Quantum healing is a pseudo-scientific mixture of ideas which purportedly draw on quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology

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Who I am

Hello, I am Hernan.

Thank you for visiting my website where you can find what quantum healing energy is all about and my contact to let me know about your health problems you are facing (pains, illnesses, pains etc.). In order to avoid false expectations about my Quantum Healing, we will decide together, to what extent I may help you.

cuantum therapy


This healing method uses the great advances made in quantum physics in combination with the knowledge of ancient wisdom where the body reflects the things that happen in our daily lives, often causing imbalances affecting our health.

The quantum healing looks for our weaknesses in terms of what we want to resolve e.g. physical pain, discomfort, an emotional blockage or phobia, or anything else that prevents us from finding our inner balance; There will be progress in solving the problem by detecting weaknesses and strengthening them through energetic changes within the person.

Quantum healing is not a substitute for medicine or qualified health professionals. The person performing the therapy is a therapist and can help the patient feel better. However, the healings different for each patient. It is recommended that people starting treatment should try to change their attitude when facing an illness by changing their lifestyle (e.g. quitting smoking and the abuse of alcohol and drugs).


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Contact information


If you would like to experience a quantum healing therapy, I kindly ask you to contact me via email. Please provide me with the following data: your name and surname, date of birth, country and place where you are at the moment and the type of illness, discomfort, pre-existing diseases or phobias you are suffering from.